Help & Support Zone.

Answers to the most common questions and queries.

Making changes to your policy:

Change personal information
Please contact us via livechat below and we can organise this for you.
Change insurance cover levels
Please contact us via livechat below and we can organise this for you.
Renewing your policy
If your policy is due for renewal, simply run through a new quote like you did last year and buy online. Documents will be issued immediately.
Cancel your policy
Please contact us via livechat below and we can organise this for you.

Other administration:

Important policy documents
There is a dedicated section of our website listing all important documents over here.
Get copy policy documents
Please contact us via livechat below and we can organise this for you.
Making a claim
We're sorry to hear you've experienced a problem.

Please prepare some basic information regarding the incident. We have prepared a short checklist to help couriers and removers.

Once you have this information, you can either report your claim by email or phone (Please quote your policy number on all correspondence) -

For all Goods in Transit claims please call 0121 238 1017.
If you are a Courier please report all other types of claims by calling 01908 302 011 or emailing
If you are a Remover please report all other types of claims by calling 0345 605 0871 or emailing

We can ONLY speak to our policyholder regarding claims. If you are a third party, then please raise your claim with our policyholder and ask them to contact us directly.

General information

Who are Fastquote?
We are a FCA authorised UK Broker specialising in Goods in Transit insurance. Our insurance for couriers is ‘All risks cover’. This means that you are covered for theft during transit, loss during transit, damage due to accidents and damage caused by transit. This gives you the peace of mind that every eventuality is covered.
What are my payment options?
You can either pay in full or spread the cost over monthly payments for an extra charge. Examples are provided throughout the checkout before you commit.

Specific cover questions

What is goods in transit insurance?
We've written a really good guide over here that's worth checking out.
Is this the same thing as Hire & Reward insurance?
No. Hire & reward relates to the vehicle you will be driving. Goods in Transit insurance covers your liability for damage or theft to the goods you carry. You will need to insure your vehicles separately.
Does this also insure my vehicle?
No. You will need a suitable commercial vehicle policy.
Where do I enter my vehicle reg number?
We do not ask for your vehicle registration. We are not insuring your vehicle. If you change your vehicle, you do not need to even let us know.
Does your policy cover transporting motorbikes?
Yes, in some circumstances. As you go through the quote and subsequent questions, the system will ask you some questions about this and highlight any changes to cover or price increases.
Does your policy cover transporting vehicles?
No. But we do offer offline policies for vehicle transporters.
Does your policy cover transporting refrigerated and/or frozen goods?
Yes we do, but please note the following two conditions: 1. Cover for theft, fire and impact only. 2. No cover for deterioration of stock for failure of equipment through malfunction, breakdown or lack of maintenance or not setup correctly.
Does your policy cover transporting livestock?
Not yet online. Please call us and we'll see what we can do for you. There are some options.