Goods in Transit Insurance : Explained

Goods in transit insurance, sometimes referred to as GIT, covers goods against loss or damage while being moved from one place to another. These goods can be being carried by individuals in their own vehicle, self employed drivers or contractors or by third party carriers. The insurance can cover both domestic and international trips, with specific add-ons available for insurance within Europe.

Goods shipped by sea will be covered under a separate marine insurance policy. However, this will usually include the transit of the cargo over land at either end of the voyage from its pickup to final destination.

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GIT Insurance - Cover & Cost Guide

As a self employed driver keeping van costs and other operating expenses down to a minimum is very important. With every penny eating into your profit margin, it makes finding the cheapest goods in transit insurance, a vital aspect for every owner driver.

The customer care team at Fastquote have put together this guide to help you understand the basic terminology and get a better understanding of how this works.

How much does it cost?

We provide cover starting from £95. You can save money by customising your quote to provide the right level of cover that you need so you aren’t paying over the odds for insurance you will likely never use.

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What is covered?

  • Theft, loss & damage to goods while in transit
  • Cover levels flexible between £10,000 to £50,000
  • Up to £5m of public liability insurance
  • Cover of £10m for your employees

It is worth checking your existing policy to see how the goods will be valued. Some policies will have a maximum cost per KG for the goods being transported should they be damaged. Our policies do not have such limits.

When making an insurance claim, there are two main ways of settlement:

  • Old for new - Where items are replaced at the current market value when a claim is made
  • Indemnity cover - Depreciation of the value of goods will be taken into account by the insurer

How long does it take to set up goods in transit insurance?

With our fast quote you can answer a few simple questions about your needs and be done within 5 minutes.

The confirmation of cover for your insurance will be emailed directly to you or your depot instantly upon completion by which point you will be ready to start work. No waiting for approvals simply find the right policy for you and go.

Make sure you get the right insurance for your business?

There are numerous type of insurance policies available in the UK and they are designed to be tailored to the various specific needs of individuals and businesses. Here are some details of the most common types of insurance:

Goods in transit insurance

As we have discussed above this is to cover goods against damage or loss during transit. This is commonly used by couriers and is suitable for ‘hire and reward’ businesses which involve multiple drop locations and customers. This can be purchased as a stand alone product for your business needs.

Tools in Transit Insurance

This is a way to protect potentially expensive tools and equipment from damage or loss while in transit. This can be a lifeline for small businesses or the self employed where the costs of repairing or replacing tools can be high.

Courier Van Insurance

This is an insurance product which aims to cover the various aspects of insurance required by courier van drivers under one policy. This can include the van insurance, goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance which are usually purchased as individual products.

Haulage Insurance

This is insurance suitable for larger loads from trucks weighing 7.5 tonnes to HGVs.

What level of cover do I need for my company?

If you are a self employed owner-driver delivering on behalf of another network (eg Amazon Flex or similar) it is always best to check the required levels of goods in transit insurance you are required to have before buying a policy. These policies are non-refundable and fees may apply to make changes after the policy starts.

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