Insurance for Man and Van drivers

If you are running a 'Man and Van' type business, having the right goods in transit insurance for your van and the goods you are transporting is really important. Getting a better deal on your insurance will save you money and increase your profits as a self employed driver.

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What insurance does a man with a van need?

There are a range of insurances that you may need as a man with a van to be fully covered in the event of accidents or other problems. This can vary greatly based on the size of the business and the type of goods you will be moving.

  • Standard van Insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Tools & equipment insurance
  • Commercial vehicle breakdown insurance

Van Insurance

Insuring the van itself, besides being legally required, is vital as without a fully functioning van you have no business. Here you will need to ensure the cover you have is suitable for commercial vehicles and also covers you for your own motor insurance requirements, such as theft or damage to your vehicle.

Goods in transit insurance

When operating as a man with a van you will naturally be handling and moving goods of a variety of different sizes and values. It is important to ensure that should anything happen to them while in your care that you are covered.

Public liability Insurance

It may also be worth considering public liability insurance as part of your policy. This protects you against claims made against you for your legal liability for personal injury or damage to people or property during your work. This extends the cover of your van insurance to include activities that happen outside of the vehicle or off the road.

Tools & equipment Insurance

If you are self employed and will be carrying tools or other expensive equipment, it may be worth looking at insuring these in case of damage or loss while in the line of work. While it may not be legally required to do so the cost of replacing such items can be vast depending on the type of tools you carry. Adequate cover for your business necessities will bring you peace of mind in the long run.