Goods in transit insurance for couriers

For couriers, getting the right goods in transit insurance can be vital. You will be transporting all types of goods day and night, so make sure you are covered in case any problems occur.

This type of insurance covers the goods you will be transporting, as a courier, in your vehicle.

Courier networks will require you to have this insurance in place before you start working for them. If you employ people as part of your business we also have appropriate insurance to cover your employees too.

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Why couriers choose Fastquote ...

“From my first contact with this company I found them to be very friendly, confident and knowledgeable which is why I’ve moved all my goods in transit and liability policies to them as I find their service outstanding.”

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You can get set up straight away with documents emailed to you (or your depot) 24/7, so your business will be unaffected by delays and you can get driving today!

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Underwitten by the RSA insurance group - you can be confident of comprehensive cover.

What's included?

  • Theft, loss & damage to goods while in transit
  • Up to £50,000 worth of goods in your vehicle
  • Up to £5,000,000 of public liability insurance
  • Instant PDF documents online 24/7
  • Best price guarantee

Our goods in transit insurance for couriers is ‘All risks cover’. This means that you are covered for theft during transit, loss during transit, damage due to accidents and damage caused by transit. This gives you the peace of mind that every eventuality is covered.

Driving through Europe? We can also cover you over UK RHA Conditions as well as UK & European CMR Conditions. So if you or your employees drive through Europe as a courier we have also got you covered.